Why I started Shalach-Manos.com

Hi I am the owner and manager of Shalach-Manos.com. What most people don’t know about me,  is what lead me to start this website, over nine years ago.

In August 2007, my husband and I went through a very hard time. I was pregnant with my fourth child and was told that the child most probably would not make it.  I did end up losing the baby in my 22nd week of pregnancy and had to subsequently give birth to my stillborn baby.

Recovery was hard and friends and family tried to do their best to help me along. One day, I got a knock at the door and when I opened the door I was surprised to see a delivery man holding a large basket filled with food.  It was from my employer wishing me a speedy recovery.

I cannot begin to explain what that simple gesture did for me. The feeling that someone else was thinking of me enough to go and order something to ease my pain, really did wonders for my troubled soul.

It was then that the idea first came into being. If it meant so much to me to receive a food gift basket, I could help others feel the same.

As a oleh to Israel, who left behind her whole family and most of her friends in Canada, I know what it meant to be lonely.  I therefore came up with the idea to create a website which would gives friends and family outside of Israel the chance to send mishloach manot / shalach manos packages easily to their family and friends inside Israel.  Shalach-Manos.com was born.